Terms & Conditions

Please read and review carefully before interacting with the platform

Airdrop Expectations

  • XP System as a Bonus: We encourage Ura users to view the XP system as gamified rewards, rather than the main draw of our platform. Ura is primarily a Decentralized Exchange and the XP features is purposed to enhance your experience and reward engagement.
  • XP Conversion: There is no set rate for converting XP into airdropped tokens. The Ura team will assess the total amount of XP generated and XP distribution in Phase 1 and ensure fair and equitable distribution of rewards.
  • Distributed tokens: veURA will be the primary airdropped token. This is designed to support the project's long-term rewards strategy and sustainability. The Ura team reserves full discretion to distribute liquid URA tokens depending on market conditions.

Rules on earning XP

  • Discretionary Rights: Ura team reserves full discretion to review the XP assigned from the program and to modify any XP if suspicious wallet behaviour is detected. Decisions made by the team are final.

Liquidity Provider (LP) Warnings

  • LP Rewards Structure: In Phase 1, providing liquidity does not yield swap fees on Ura. Instead, it rewards you with XP and potential external incentives offered by partnering projects, where applicable. In Phase 2, providing liquidity will earn you $URA emissions.
  • Impermanent Loss and Asset Volatility: When you provide liquidity, you might not get the same amount back. This can happen because of underlying asset price changes in the market. Read more about impermanent loss here.

Contract and Technology Risks

  • Contract Risks: While Ura has not experienced exploits, this does not eliminate the potential for contract-related risks. Users should be aware of this when engaging with the platform.
  • Experimental Technology: Ura and Terra represent experimental technologies. We encourage users to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and understand the implications fully before platform use.
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