Launch Details

Ura is currently in the first of its two-phase rollout, with the aim of creating a best-in-class trading experience for the community and a new liquidity hub for protocols.

Phase 1: The Community Farmdrop (Now Live)

For the first 6 months, Ura will be launched with only the DEX primitives: Swap, Provide Liquidity. During this phase, protocols and users can farm XP by swapping and providing liquidity, which determines their veURA airdrop allocation, granting them shared ownership of the protocol from Phase 2 onwards.

Here is a simplified example of how the XP program works:

  • You swap 100 LUNA for 50 URA on the Ura DEX.

  • You provide liquidity to the URA/LUNA pool and LUNA/axlUSDC on Ura.

  • You delegate 100 LUNA to Ura Labs Validator.

  • You will accumulate XP for swapping, providing liquidity and/or delegating.

  • In Phase 2, you will be airdropped veURA tokens based on your accumulated XP; the more XP you earn, the more airdrop you get.

  • For more details, visit XP Airdrop

Note that pools will need to be whitelisted to be reflected on the web-app interface. Ura will initially launch with a limited number of pools, and this number will progressively increase over time. Fees from liquidity pools in this period will be reserved for Phase 2.

The Ura XP system has been live since 1 Dec 2023. All Transaction volume has been tracked since Ura's launch on November 14th.

Phase 2: Liquidity Emissions & Voting

$URA LP emissions, pool voting and bribing will go live during Phase 2.

✅ $URA LP Emissions: Liquidity providers now earn weekly $URA emissions.

✅ Rebase: $veURA holders can now receive anti-dilutive rebase for their ve-locked positions.

✅ Pool Voting: $veURA holders can now vote on emission reward weights for pools to earn swap fees and voting incentives (bribes).

✅ Pool Bribing: Protocols (or any individual) can bribe $veURA voters to favor their token LPs, channeling more $URA emissions to their pool, thereby attracting more liquidity providers and amplifying their liquidity.

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