Liquidity Pools

Provide liquidity to earn swap fees

Providing Liquidity

Ura users provide liquidity to swap fees

Types of Liquidity Pools

Ura offers two different types of liquidity pools based on the tokens provided:

  • Volatile Pools - Pools with 2 unrelated tokens, such as $URA and $LUNA

  • Stable Pools - Pools with 2 price-related/derived tokens, like $axlUSDT/$axlUSDC or $ampLUNA/$LUNA

Learn more about Stable and Volatile Pools.

There are no hidden fees or obligations when providing liquidity, and you can withdraw your liquidity at any time. However, it's important to be aware of risks like impermanent loss

Alliance Compatible LP Tokens

  • LP tokens follow Terra Token Factory standard and can be whitelisted on Alliance

Permissionless Pool Creation

  • Anyone can create token pools permissionlessly by pairing two different assets

Listing New Tokens on URA

  • If your asset does not appear on the asset list, it means it is NOT in TFL Asset GitHub repository

  • To list new tokens, submit a pull request to the TFL Asset GitHub repository

Add Your Asset Information

  1. If your asset is Terra native

    • Modify cw20/token.js

    • Add protocol, symbol, name, token contract address, the path of the icon, and decimals

  2. If your asset is IBC token

    • Modify ibc/token.js

    • Add denom, IBC path, base denom, symbol, name, and the path of the icon

Once your PR is approved, your asset will appear on the asset list and can be paired with another asset to create your pool.

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