URA Distribution

10M URA will be distributed to the community

There will be an initial supply of 10M $URA. To achieve full decentralization, the entirety of $URA supply will be 100% allocated to the community (UXP DAO). The Ura team will retain 0 URA and 0 UXP allocation.

Distribution Breakdown

Community Ownership (UXP DAO): 95% URA

  • 95% of the total supply (9.5M) of liquid $URA tokens will be transferred to UXP DAO, governed by $UXP holders. $UXP is allocated to community members who participated in Ura’s Phase 1 pro-rata to XP accumulated. (UXP distribution)

Genesis $URA Liquidity: 5% URA

  • 4.61% (0.461M) of the total supply which is in possession of the TFL liquidity multisig (source). The remaining 0.39% are in circulation, some held by wallets, and some pooled as liquidity

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