Liquidity Pools

Provide Liquidity to Earn $URA Emissions

Providing Liquidity

Ura users provide liquidity to earn$URA emissions.

Incentives for liquidity providers are based on the following criteria:

  • $URA Emission Rate (Pool APR) - The emission rates, expressed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR) are determined by the outcome of gauge voting for rewards in that Epoch, controlled by $veURA voters.

  • Pool Share Proportion - The slice of liquidity a user injects into the total liquidity of the pool.

Deep Liquidity: Enhancing Trading

The deeper the liquidity i.e. the larger the TVL of a pool, the less slippage traders will experience when swapping between two assets. As such, our goal is to create the deepest liquidity for our trading pairs through incentivization via large bribes.

Types of Liquidity Pools

Ura offers two different types of liquidity pools based on the tokens provided:

  • Volatile Pools - Pools with 2 unrelated tokens, such as $URA and $LUNA

  • Stable Pools - Pools with 2 price-related/derived tokens, like $axlUSDT/$axlUSDC or $ampLUNA/$LUNA

Learn more about Stable and Volatile Pools.

There are no hidden fees or obligations when providing liquidity, and you can withdraw your liquidity at any time. However, it's important to be aware of risks like impermanent loss.

Pools Whitelisting

To prevent nefarious behaviour of gaming pool emissions, Ura will whitelist pools that are eligible for pool rewards. To request pool whitelisting, kindly contact the team via the official Telegram channel.

$URA Emissions start in Phase 2. For now, you can earn XP when you provide liquidity, which will determine your veURA airdrop.

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