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Earn Rewards as an LP, Voter, or both.
There are two different reward types:

Pool Rewards (LP Emissions)

For Liquidity Providers:
  • Emissions: Ura distributes $URA tokens as emissions to reward LPs. This system incentivizes LPs to consistently provide liquidity, ensuring robust liquidity for the platform.
Note: Unlike traditional DEXs, LPs do not receive trading fees. Instead, these fees are distributed to gauge voters.

Vote Rewards

For Voters:
  • Trading Fees: Each swap on Ura incurs a fee, which is directly earned by voters.
    • To participate in voting, voters must hold $veURA tokens.
    • To receive these fees, voters must actively vote for pools.
  • Bribes: Protocols can offer bribes to attract more liquidity. These bribes serve as additional rewards for $veURA holders and voters, in exchange for their votes to steer $URA emissions towards specific, high-value pools.
    • Voters must hold $veURA tokens in order to vote
    • Voters must actively vote to earn bribes
Pool (LP Emissions) and Vote Rewards start in Phase 2. For now, you can earn XP which will determine your veURA airdrop.
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