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Voting & Bribes

Capitalize on your veURA voting power to Earn Bribes and Fees

Voting for Pool Emissions

Users can lock $URA to obtain $veURA, granting them the power to vote for emission incentives distribution amongst pools. Voters can vote every epoch, which begins every Thursday at 00:00 UTC and lasts for 1 week.
Emissions are distributed proportionally to the total percentage of votes in the epoch. Projected emissions for a particular epoch can be calculated using the following formula:
emissions(Pool)=% of total votes÷emissionsemissions(Pool) = \% \ of \ total \ votes ÷ emissions
Eg. In Epoch 1, 100K$URAwill be distributed. If 10% of all votes are allocated to the URA/LUNA pair, that pool will receive 10K$URAdistributed linearly throughout the epoch.
At the end of the epoch, voters will receive bribes and trading fees for the pools that they have voted for.
  • Voters need to vote every week to receive rewards (bribes and fees) for that week.
  • If a voter fails to vote in any given week, they will not receive rewards for that week.
  • Voters cannot modify their votes once votes are cast.

Why Should I Vote?

Voting empowers $URA holders to shape Ura's direction, steer incentives towards valuable pools, ensure efficient trading, and earn additional bribe rewards from incentivized protocols.

Posting Bribes

Protocols who wish to incentivize votes for their pools can post Bribes, which are economic incentives, earned by voters of said pools at the end of every epoch. More votes translate into more weekly emissions for that pool, resulting in a higher yield, and attracting more liquidity provision. While protocols are the typical stakeholder providing bribes, any individual can also offer bribes for any whitelisted pools, at any point during an epoch.

Claiming Bribes

External bribe rewards in can be claimed after the Epoch concludes (n+1). (Epochs increment right after 23:59 UTC each Wednesday.) Here's the bribe-claiming process:
  1. 1.
    A new epoch begins on Thursday (00:00 UTC).
  2. 2.
    Bribes are deposited at any point during the Epoch.
  3. 3.
    Voters cast their votes for their chosen pools.
  4. 4.
    Once the epoch concludes (each Thursday), users can claim bribe rewards from the UI.
Voting and Bribes start in Phase 2.
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