Frequently Asked Questions


What rewards can I earn? Phase 1 (14 Nov 2023 - 14 May 2024):

You can trade and provide liquidity during Phase 1 to earn XP, which will determine your airdropped veURA allocation. The Ura XP system is targeted to roll out by 1 Dec 2023. All transaction volume will be recorded starting from Ura's launch on November 14th.

Phase 2 (14 May 2024 onwards):

There are 3 types of rewards you can earn on this platform

For Liquidity Providers (Pool Rewards):

  1. LP Emissions ($URA)

For Pool Voters (Vote Rewards)

  1. Bribes (Various Tokens)

  2. Trading Fees

Learn more about Earning XP (Airdrop) in Phase 1 and Rewards in Phase 2

Providing Liquidity (LP)

Why should I provide liquidity?

Providing liquidity on Ura allows you to:

  1. Earn Rewards: Liquidity providers earn XP in Phase 1 and $URA emissions as rewards in Phase 2 onwards.

  2. Facilitate Trading: Enhance trading efficiency and earn fees.

Remember to understand the risks before providing liquidity.

How is Pool APR (URA Emissions) calculated?

The Pool APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on Ura is determined by pool voting outcomes for rewards in each Epoch. It's governed by $veURA voters and influenced by the proportion of liquidity you provide to the pool. Learn more about the pool apr calculation. Pool Emissions will only be enabled from Phase 2 onwards.

Gauge Voting (veURA Holders)

Why should I vote?
  • Earn Bribes and Fees: By voting, you can earn rewards in the form of bribe incentives and swap fees.

  • Influence Protocol Direction: Voting allows you to have a say in Ura's development and direction.

Voting will only be enabled from Phase 2 onwards.

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