Delegators' XP Bonus

XP Bonus Drop for Loyal Delegators
In recognition of the contributions made by Ura's early delegators, we are introducing a one-time bonus XP drop, giving these loyal community members a nice head start.

Eligible Wallets and Snapshot Interval

  • Who: Delegators of Ura Lab's Validator
  • When: From 1st February 07:05 UTC+0 (Ura validator genesis) to 14th November, 10:00 AM UTC+0 (Ura Phase 1 launch date).
Every wallets' time-weighted delegations to Ura Validator within the snapshot interval has been recorded, factoring staking duration and volume. Wallets who remained delegated as of Ura's stealth launch on 14th November will receive extra XP.
Your XP reward will be automatically issued to you, with no action needed on your part. You can view your earned XP at https://ura.xyz/rewards.
Last modified 2mo ago