XP Airdrop

Your XP determines your Airdrop allocation

Airdrop is based on your XP

Earn XP on Ura in Phase 1 (now live) to qualify for your veURA airdrop allocation! Head over to https://ura.xyz/rewards to start your journey and make your way up the leaderboard!
Learn more about Phase 1 here: Launch Details

How to Earn XP

You can earn XP on Ura via one or more of these actions:


  • Earn up to 5 XP for every $1 swap volume.
  • To view specific XP rates by pool, refer to the XP rates breakdown below.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of 20,000 XP from this action daily.
  • Earn up to 0.3 XP for every $1 LP provided per day.
  • To view specific XP rates by pool, refer to the XP rates breakdown below.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of 10,000 XP from this action daily.
  • Earn 0.005 XP for every 1 LUNA delegated to Ura Validator per day.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of 1000 XP from this action daily.
  • If you delegated before 14 Nov 10:00 UTC +0 (launch date), you might be eligible a bonus XP drop. Visit Delegators' XP Bonus section for more details.
Each action contributes to your XP accumulation. In Phase 2, you will be airdropped veURA tokens based on your accumulated XP.
To ensure fair recognition of early engagement, users active since Ura's November 14th launch will receive an initial XP balance, mirroring their activity since inception.
XP will be updated once daily at 00:00 UTC+0. You can view your ranking on the Leaderboard.

XP Rates Breakdown

Rates are subject to revisions, up to once a week.
XP rate / $ swap volume
XP rate / $ LP provided per day
URA-LUNA (0.2%)
LUNA-axlUSDC (0.2%)
axlWBTC-LUNA (0.2%)
OSMO-LUNA (0.2%)
BNB-LUNA (0.2%)
SOL-LUNA (0.2%)
TON-LUNA (0.2%)
DOGE-LUNA (0.2%)
*The Ura team reserves complete discretion to modify XP rates and assigned XP values at any time, ensuring the system remains dynamic and well-aligned with our evolving objectives.

Scenario: How Bob Earns XP on Ura

Meet Bob, an active user on the Ura platform, looking to earn XP using LUNA. His approach:
  • Swap: Bob swaps $500 worth of LUNA to URA on Ura. In this transaction against the URA-LUNA pool, every dollar of LUNA swapped earns him 5 XP. From this action, he gets 2,500 XP.
  • Providing Liquidity: Each day, Bob provides $1,000 as liquidity to the LUNA-axlUSDC pool on Ura, splitting it equally with $500 in LUNA and $500 in axlUSDC. For every dollar of liquidity provided daily, he earns 0.1 XP. This rewards him with 100 XP every day.
  • Delegating to Ura Validator: Each day, Bob delegates 5,000 LUNA to the Ura Validator. For every LUNA delegated daily, he earns 0.005 XP. This rewards him with 25 XP every day.
In one day, Bob accumulates a total of 2,625 XP on Ura and climbs the leaderboard rankings. Like Bob, mix and match your actions to maximize XP and compete for top spots. Happy earning and competing!
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