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Earn XP (Airdrop)

Your XP determines your Airdrop allocation

Airdrop is based on your XP

Earn XP on Ura in Phase 1 (now live) to qualify for your veURA airdrop allocation. Learn more about Phase 1 here.

How to earn XP

You can earn XP on Ura via one or more of these actions:
  1. 1.
  2. 3.
    ​Delegate to Ura Labs Validator
Each action contributes to your XP accumulation. The XP allocated for each pool is calibrated using a performance-based adjustment mechanism. In Phase 2, you will be airdropped veURA tokens based on your accumulated XP.
TL;DR, Swap, provide liquidity and/or delegate to own your share of Ura.

XP rates

Full details regarding the XP system will be revealed soon.
The Ura XP system is targeted to roll out by 1 Dec 2023. All transaction volume will be recorded starting from Ura's launch on November 14th.
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