Initial Distribution

10M URA: How They Will Be Distributed
There will be an initial supply of 10M $URA. This initial allocation is meticulously crafted to ignite the momentum while safeguarding voting power and token liquidity for newcomers. This strategy aims to foster long-term success for Ura and its users, aligning closely with Terra's growth.

Distribution Breakdown

  • Community Farmdrop: 35% veURA
    • Purpose: veURA Distribution aims to decentralize and become a Community Owned Protocol The target recipients includes Traders, Liquidity Providers, Delegators, Protocol Partners and Active Community Members. Airdrop allocation tied to XP earned in Phase 1 will be distributed from this pool. There will be multiple airdrops across a 24-month period. Any remaining un-farmed tokens will be allocated to the ecosystem fund to provide flexibility in rewarding favorable user behavior for the Dex.
  • Ecosystem Fund: 22% veURA + URA
    • Purpose: Ura protocol's warchest for growth, which includes strategic grants to partners, expenses required to grow, liquidity for CEX listings and more.
  • Ura Labs Team: 18% veURA + URA
    • Purpose: For Team voting power, and incentive alignment to grow the protocol long term
  • Terraform Labs (TFL): 10% veURA
    • Purpose: Align TFL's incentive by granting them a stake in the Community Dex and for bootstrapping liquidity
  • Voter Incentives: 5% URA
    • Purpose: Strategically purposed to match incentives for ecosystem partners or to attract additional votes to liquidity pools crucial to the chain and protocol.
  • URA Pools Votepower: 5% veURA
    • Purpose: Used for voting and to ensure enough liquidity for URA-related pools. URA serves as the foundation of the protocol.
  • Genesis $URA Liquidity: 5% URA
    • Purpose: Currently paired with LUNA and deposited as liquidity on Ura.
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