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Two Core Tokens of the Ecosystem
Ura uses a dual token model to incentivize different participants to perform various functions within the ecosystem.

Ura Ecosystem Tokens:

  • $URA — Transferable and tradeable token, following the Terra Token Factory standard
  • $veURA — Virtual Token representing one or more Vote-Escrowed Positions

$URA Token

$URA is distributed to liquidity providers through emissions.
Details regarding the initial distribution and emission schedule of $URA will be provided as we approach Phase 2.

$veURA Token

Any $URA holder can vote-escrow their tokens and receive a $veURA (a virtual token representing a staked position) in return.
The lock period (or vote-escrowed) period, signified by the "ve" prefix, can be up to 4 years, following the linear relationship outlined below:
  • 100 $URA locked for 4 years equates to 100 $veURA.
  • 100 $URA locked for 1 year equates to 25 $veURA.
The longer the vesting time, the higher the voting power (voting weight) of the underlying locked balance.
📌 Note: $veURA positions cannot be consolidated, divided, and traded on secondary markets.

$veURA Utility

  • Voting: Holders can cast votes for pools weekly for bribes and fees. Learn more about voting.
  • Fees: Voters are entitled to 100% of the swap fees generated by the pools they vote for each epoch.
  • Bribes: Voters earn 100% of the bribes associated with the pools they vote for each epoch.
📌 Note: The voting power of $veURA decreases over time, reaching zero at the lock end. To maintain influence, users can add new lock positions. This promotes active participation in the ecosystem.

Tokenomics Breakdown

Stay tuned for this
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